VapoRub Shower Bombs Using Essential Oils

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If you suffer from stuffiness like many of us do, then you are probably on the hunt frequently for anything that will give you some relief. The problem many of us have in finding that is so many things that are sold over the counter aren’t good for us, and if we are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep as many toxins out of our homes as we can, this can be especially difficult. In the past few years one product that came out for sinus relief were shower bombs that fizz and release vapors to help open you up. 

So, this recipe is an all-natural version of those that you can easily make at home and use, and you don’t have to worry about the toxins included, because you know what’s in them! VapoRub  Shower Bombs using  Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils.

VapoRub Shower Bombs Using Essential Oils

VapoRub Shower Bombs Using Essential Oils

What you will need:

Medium to Large silicone molds – I used these for mine.. (These should be larger than the ice cube tray types, if possible, otherwise, you’ll need 2 or 3 of those sizes at a time for much relief.)

½ cup citric acid (TIP: you can find this at a natural foods store, and sometimes grocery store in a small bottle, for a hefty price, but if you can, get amazon you’ll get way more for your money.)

Witch Hazel, put into a spray bottle

1 cup baking soda

20 drops eucalyptus essential oil

15 drops rosemary essential oil

18 drops peppermint essential oil

Food coloring if desired

Gloves to protect from citric acid

Glass Jar or baggies for storage

VapoRub shower bombs with essential oils


Be sure your molds and gloves are dry, as the water will start the fizzing reaction early if you’re not careful.

First measure out your citric acid and place in a glass mixing bowl. Get any lumps out that may be there and then measure and add in the baking soda. They look very similar to each other but the baking soda is the one that tends to have lumps out the two of them, so just use a spoon or whisk to get any out and then mix them together well.

Now, go ahead and add in the essential oils. Do one at a time, and mix it in well before adding the next, to help avoid clumping and get them really spread throughout.

Making Shower bombs

Once you have the oils in, you can add a few drops of food coloring. 3 to 4 is a good amount. It will fizz a little when you put it in and it reacts with the acid, but don’t worry, once you start mixing it stops.

Making Shower bombs

Mix it in, getting any large clumps of it out and making sure to scrape the bottom edges and curves of your bowl to be sure you have all the mixture included and won’t end up with some white in the bottom of the bowl.

Now, you are ready to form the wet mixture.

Put on the gloves and begin to spray the mixture with the witch hazel. I generally spray over the top of the mixture and then with my hands, just start mixing it in. You basically need it all damp, but not super wet. If it gets too wet, it won’t set up in the molds right or it could begin fizzing.

As you move the mixture around with your hands, spray it a few more times and you will feel it get cold from the witch hazel. This is a sign that you’re getting close to having enough dampness on it. Squeeze a good amount of it in your hand and see if it sticks together well. When it does, you are ready to press into the molds.

If you squeeze it and it falls back apart into smaller lumps, you’re not there yet. Continue to mix it and just add a few more sprays of the witch hazel.

Now, press the mixture into the molds, and do this over your bowl, so you don’t lose it elsewhere. Put some in, press it down and repeat until the mold is full and the mixture is pressed down firm. Then, just set the molds aside to dry out some for about 15- 20 minutes.

Once that time has passed and they feel drier on the tops, go ahead and flip them over carefully onto a plate. I like to give them another few minutes to harden that way before I push them out, but if you feel like they are dry enough, go ahead.

Mold for Shower melts

Just carefully push on the middle of the mold and start to pull the mold off with the other hand at the same time. When they are ready, they fall out pretty easily.

Now, let them sit out on the plate for a good half hour at least to dry out all the way. If the center still feels cold or damp, let them stay there awhile longer before moving them.

You can store them in a cute glass mason jar, or you can bag them up individually to give as gifts too.

To use: Just place your VapoRub Shower Bombs using Essential Oils on the shower floor under where you are standing and can breathe it in well, and let the hot water run over it as your shower. Take deep breaths and inhale the oils.

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